Jewelries –necklaces in particular – have been around for ages, and are here to stay. Fashion trends are moving from just wearing a piece because of its aesthetics or value, they’re now more about the meaning and sentiments attached to them. There has to be someone around you who has probably been wearing a piece of jewelry for as long as you’ve known him. And when you decide to ask for the reason, he goes on to tell you a story about how someone gifted it to him, or how he bought it at a time when something significant in his life happened.

Going around with a piece that’s very significant to you is as personal as personal can go, without any doubt in mind. A perfect way of depicting personal, exclusive and significant is through a personalized necklace –with your name on it.

Not everyone may fancy going around with a necklace that has their hebrew name on it, but for those who absolutely love it, chances are that there’d be at least one of the following reasons for them to want one. Let’s go through them.


If you’re going to have your name on your necklace, then it means you’re fine with anybody knowing your name and identifying you. It’s as easy as someone directing another person to you and when asked how she can identify you (amongst a number of other people), the person says, “Oh, you’d know she’s the one. She’s literally wearing her name around”. Having a personalized necklace makes you stand out. You’re wearing a piece that isn’t common and even if someone around has the same name as you, what are the chances that you’d be having a necklace in the exact same design?

Sometimes also, the unique identification isn’t only about your name that’s on it, it can be about your tradition or showing where you come from. You can choose to identify with your roots by having a personalized necklace that has features of your culture as you’d wish. For instance, there are a number of gemstones and colors that are identified with some part of the world or ancient history. In a situation where you live far away from home, your personalized necklace can be your way of connecting to your roots or showing people where you’re from.

Reassurance and Intentional Reminder

There’s really a lot of attachment people have to their names. It’s been said that a good way to keep a person in a conversation is to mention their name once in a while. It happens that if you constantly mention your name to yourself too, there’s a level of confidence boost you’ll get. What better way to rework this confidence you need than putting on a necklace with your name on it, so no matter where you look, you see it and you’re constantly drawn back to your reality?

Mark occasions, Journeys and Memories

Sometimes, people need to remind themselves of how far they’ve come, either on a particular journey, or in life generally. A person may like to wear a personalized jewelry because he made it at a time of his life he wants to constantly be reminded of.

Occasions like anniversaries, graduations, birth or death of a loved one, or start of something new are common reasons for people to get personalized necklaces – because sometimes, we momentarily forget these important moments. Personalized jewelries are perfect reminders of moments and memories we do not wish to forget in a very long time.

Show of Personality

Personalized jewelry pieces aren’t only about the words that are written on them, it’s also about the style of design, the materials and trinkets used. The things we have on our bodies go a long way to show the kind of people we are.

But on a lot of occasions, it happens that people aren’t sure about the right clothes or shoes to wear that’d depict their personalities. For personalized jewelries like necklaces, it really isn’t so hard to show. You’re the one directing your jeweler to make what you want, the way you’d like it.

Personalized necklaces depict a playful personality most of the time. But if you don’t want it to depict that you have the right to design it anyway you’d love it – you’re the one that’s going to be wearing it around your neck, you should know what you want it to look like. It isn’t going to be so hard to show those around how you feel and what your personality entails with it.


People naturally crave connections to other people, places and things. While this is great, a lot of people forget to connect to themselves, first. A personalized necklace is a good way to create that needed connection with yourself.

As mentioned earlier, seeing your name on yourself on a regular basis reminds of you of what and who you are. Stemming from the last point of a show of personality also, a personalized necklace helps people around connect to you.

You have a story that you’ll like people that you come in contact with to take with them, and your personalized jewelry can help with this.

People that make necklaces that have their names on it also have the choice of passing them on to their children and other loved ones.

The memories of the necklace are passed on and those who have them will feel connected to the original owners in a way.

Perfect Gift

A lot of the best things people own today and hold dear to themselves are not the ones they got for themselves, but the ones other people got them, no matter how little.

So, you’ll find that one major reason a number of people go around with a Hebrew necklace that has their name on it is because someone really dear them gifted it to them. Whenever they have it on, they’re reminded of the person that gave them or the situation that surrounded the gift.

So no matter the situation, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or unexpected gift, it’d go a long way for the receiver because it shows thoughtfulness. It’s another way to connect to those we want to connect to, and keep them close to our hearts, literally.

Good luck and Symbolic Charm

A lot of people are quite sentimental and they strongly believe that having a necklace with their name on it would help them ace an interview, or prevent them from having an accident as they travel.

Others may believe that having the necklace that was gifted to them by a loved one (especially if the person’s passed) would see them through any form of ‘evil’.

Whatever sentiment it as that you believe in, it serves a major reason why people go around with personalized necklaces.


Although it’s been around for ages, having at least one customized piece of jewelry is a trend that’s spreading fast today. And the truth is, a lot of people today own them and wear them around not because they have any form of sentimental attachment to them, or because they have any special occasions in their lives that it marks, or because it was gifted to them.

Some people just have them because it’s in trend and people around them have similar. It’s a norm for people around to follow trends, especially when they’re fashion related. You only need one or two famous people to start it and boom! there goes a trend.


There are a lot of personalized necklaces that cost an arm and a leg. Some are embedded in expensive stones like diamond, silver and the likes.

A number of people make them to show their level of flamboyance. The chances are that if you see a personalized necklace on another person, you’d most likely assume they made it for themselves, and in that way, you may unconsciously gauge their wealth.

A lot of people just happen to like ‘blings’ and anything that calls attention to them. And of course, if you’re wearing a necklace that has your name on it (especially when it’s huge), you can have all the attention you want.


This can be viewed from different perspectives. For what we know, you may just be a jeweler who’s trying to promote your art.

For another person, it makes it easier for people to strike up conversations with you when they already know your name (because it’s boldly dangling from your neck).

Personalized necklaces can go whichever way you want them to. There are so many valid reasons why any random person will want one.

For whatever reason that you choose to have one, try to make sure it’s as personalized as possible, and it’s a design that speaks a lot about you. There’re a lot of styles that your necklace can come out with your name on it.


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