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With a strong monotheistic ring, the Ten Commandments laid down in the Old Testament form the fundamentals of Judaism.

Jews have always integrated the traditions of the Torah with contemporary customs and kept up with the times, often leading the way. The Jewish youth of today take pride ensuring that a secular Jewish culture shines bright. The continuity of Klezmer music, the Yiddish revival, the Israeli theatre all bear testimony to the Jewish legacy.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Dell Computer Founder Michael Dell, celebrated film-maker Steven Spielberg and several others, all notable members of the Jewish community, have made enormous contributions in a variety of fields ranging from science and technology to finance to fine arts.

Jewish music, an important part of the Jewish culture, is also being popularised with more and more people fusing it with other music forms. Jewish music can be traced back to the ancient Levant chants dating back over 3,000 years. It embraces a wide repertoire of folk music, religious chants and semi-religious music played at synagogues and in Jewish homes.

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